Charlotte Cheng

…aka that girl with the midget thumb. (It’s actually called a hypo-plastic thumb, according to wikipedia.) I’m a junior majoring in Super J at the U of O, and I illustrate and design for Ethos magazine, UO’s award-winning, student-run publication (check out the previous issue, Winter 2012. I illustrated the cover.) When I’m not busy being a journalism student, I enjoy recreational wikipedia-ing and terrorizing my neighbors by playing my guitar and singing (yelling really).

I’m fascinated with superheroes, which is one of the reasons why I’m a journalist, because journalists are superheroes, sans superpowers of course, but as journalists, we have the power to change the world through the voices of society. I hope to eventually become a music journalist, because I’m fascinated by how pop culture, and music specifically, affects our society in great ways. Secretly though, I just want to be a rockstar.

Here’s an autobiographic video I made:

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