Baristas Who Bare It All

In a  deserted parking lot just off of Main Street in downtown Springfield, Java Gone Wild supplies its customers with hot coffee, espresso, baked goods and more than just a little skin.  On a surprisingly warm Easter Sunday, Caroline, is closing up for the day in a bright white, jewelry encrusted bikini, perfectly placed hair and a full face of make-up.  She agrees to talk as she works the machines she knows so well barely pausing to answer the questions.

Caroline has been a barista, someone who makes and serves coffee, for over three years but has been working at Java Gone Wild for just under a month.  Even though she now spends her days serving espresso alone at the drive through cafe as opposed to surrounded by multiple coworkers like at her previous job, she is finding her days equally as fun and exciting because of the customers who frequent the coffee house.

“It’s mostly regulars who come and they are so insanely nice, “ said Caroline. “People always think it will be creepers but it is families, and people come with their wives and I really like it. I haven’t had anyone be rude to me which was what I was expecting.”

Java Gone Wild is the only drive through coffee house of its type in the Springfield area.  The baristas there steam, brew and mix coffee all while wearing bikinis and booty shorts.  The place has been in business since 2009 and despite some mixed reviews from area locals, the regulars and occasional people who stop in as they drive by, are keeping these scantily dressed girls in business.




A view of Main Street

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