Downtown Springfield brings life to the antique store industry

ImageWalking through Main Street in downtown Springfield brings a person back in time, with old buildings housing unique stores specializing in anything from tie-dying to fabrics. The street comes alive after 10 as merchants open their businesses and as I wandered my way down the road, I noticed more than half a dozen antique stores along the way.

Intrigued by the high number, I stopped into Trash-N-Treasures to look around and came across Glenn Myers, a Pacific Northwest-native. Myers, who has been the owner of the store for 3 years, says that all of the antique stores along Main Street banded together to become an antique district. By promoting each other and boasting the specialties of each individual store, they hope to boost sales for every store and create a family-friendly atmosphere in the neighborhood.

Myers sits comfortably behind a glass display case among the treasures of his store that he describes as “mantiques”, the official specialty of his store.

The 52-year-old was originally a printer for fifteen years, but after the business went down he went back to school to get his associate’s degree in computer network systems. However, that industry went overseas and after his wife left him and his two daughters, he turned to a friend for help.

“I had a friend in the junk business that taught me the ropes of it,” Myers said. “I started with storage units, but it’s a Imagerough way to get into the business.”

That is how Myers found himself managing Trash-N-Treasures eight years ago before becoming the owner afterwards.

Myers hopes that the transformation into an antique district will help clean up the streets around downtown Springfield. With an old-age atmosphere already established by the architecture of the buildings, it shouldn’t be a task too hard to complete.


Walking through downtown Springfield with Riley sparked a lot of photo opportunities, though the city was a ghost town before the majority of the stores opened after 10.


Many of the buildings had murals painted on their sides, expressing the diversity of the city.


Sweety's Frozen Yogurt is a brightly-colored popular place for the Springfield residents to hang out.


Downtown Springfield is home to an alternative school for high-school aged students, who appeared to be working diligently as we walked past.


Though many believe that Springfield mainly has residents of European descent, I found many family-owned Mexican businesses, including this beauty salon.

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