Education at the UO

While walking around the perimeters of the “education” neighborhood on campus, one might notice the great open spaces and places for students to hang out in between classes.  The education neighborhood consists of three main buildings, HEDCO, Lokey, and the Clinical Services building.

Patiently waiting outside of the classroom, freshmen education student Kayla Summers, prepares for her second day of “school of rules” class in the HEDCO education building campus. “Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a kindergarten school teacher” says Summers.  She has been volunteering at a local elementary school for years, and is a Eugene local born and raised.  This being her first year at the U of O, she has already immerged herself into the education/teaching scene.  Planning on applying to the education program her sophomore year, she is taking all the pre requisites necessary so that she will be ready to apply when the time comes.

From what classes she has taken thus far, she says that the classes are informational and great; “In my education studies class I took last term, we discussed families within the community and how they affect the public school systems; there was about 60 kids in that class, and in my current ‘school of rules’ there is about 25.  The smaller class sizes make it very easy to get one on one time with the professor; it’s a great way to really learn.”

Planning on eventually getting her master’s degree in teaching, Kayla is eager to  step into the teaching scene, and she believes that the University of Oregon’s program is what will steer her into the right direction.

First photo: Directory of education department buildings on campus.

Second photo: Outdoor classrooms/pathway of the Lokey eduation building.

Third photo: Outdoor courtyard in front of the HEDCO education building.

Fourth photo: Inside the HEDCO education bulidings main doors.

Fifth photo: The education cafe inside HEDCO, where students can go to study, have a snack, or grab a coffee.

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