Living in Motion

Glenwood is often overlooked. It is simply that place between Eugene and Springfield where you sometimes stop for gas or a snack at Dari-mart. The half built houses, empty shops, and antique stores pass by in a blur. If you have heard of the area, you probably have not heard the best things. However, the people who live there are proud of the area they call home and proud of the progress that is happening in the area.

“I love this area. It’s its own little area,” Jo Moon, a resident of Glenwood off and on for all her life, states.  “Most of the people have lived here for years.”

Moon described Glenwood as an area that is “family-focused,” but no one will get mad at you for drinking a beer while your sitting by the river and fishing.

“These people aren’t bad people,” she says, “they are just having a bad time in life.”

Both Jo and her friend Cindy Wise explained that the homeless people who call the area home don’t cause the problems, but it’s the people who are simply drifting through that leave broken glass around and treat the area without respect.

“The homeless people are harmless,” Wise says.

Groups of homeless people congregate on various corners throughout Glenwood. They have created their own community within a community.

“We know everyone,” Moon explains as two more friends come up to say hi.

They stick together when it’s cold outside. It has to be below 28 degrees before they open a warmness center.  Everyone understands that people have times when you are down on your luck.

“People are willing to help out,” Moon says.

The police and community are working on transforming the area into a place that is alive and respectable. Yet, the area still has some problems.

“There’s a drug house over there that needs to be shut down,” Moon says, “but, the police will get to that eventually.”

Even with its problems, Moon and Wise trust the area and continue to return to it.

“Her kids have grown up here, and my kids have grown up here,” Moon says.

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