Businesses on Mohawk Blvd.

Mohawk Boulevard in Springfield, Oregon is a home to a diverse group of restaurants and stores that experience different joys and hardships

American Mattress Manufacturing, located next to Subway, is a family owned and operated business. There is another location in Eugene, Oregon. The Springfield location has only been open for a year and a half. Patrick Hambrick, 43, an employee at American Mattress Manufacturing, said the advertising problems have come from the city. “I thought Springfield was a lot better about being pro business than Eugene,” Hambrick said. “But it doesn’t seem to be that way.”

The city of Springfield allows American Mattress Manufacturing to use two signs in front of their store for advertisement. They aren’t allowed to use balloons or sandwich boards to grab people’s attention. Any sort of on location advertisements must be approved by the city first. Most of the time, Hambrick said their requests get shut down.

Competition in the area is also tough. There is another mattress store just half a mile down the road. Despite the roadblocks, Hambrick said business picks up on the weekends, when people tend to have more free time.

Sherwin-Williams Paints, located just across the street from American Mattress Manufacturing, does not experience the same issues. They do not rely on signs or balloons for their advertising because all of it is done by the corporate office. Their biggest issue is the weather. When it rains, business tends to be slow. In the summer, business picks up again.

Like American Mattress Manufacturing, competition in the area is tough for Sherwin-Williams Paints. There is a Wal-Mart, Jerry’s Home Improvement Center and Miller Paint all in the area. According to Charlie Weber, 22, one of the store managers, the reason people come to Sherwin-Williams Paints is because of the service. “People come here because of the service and the product,” Weber said. “We have the best service. We’re knowledgeable. We’re here to help.”

The location of the building isn’t an issue for Sherwin-Williams Paints. When people call and ask where they are located, employees tell them they are right behind the McDonalds. “The store has been on Mohawk for so long that it would probably cause more problems if we moved,” Weber said.

While Sherwin-Williams Paints excels in the summer season, Skippers Seafood N’ Chowder does better business in the winter. Skippers is located across the street from both Sherwin-Williams Paints and American Mattress Manufacturing. Chowder is very popular in the winter. In the summer, most people tend to cook fish from their own homes. Like Sherwin-Williams Paints, Skippers has no problems with local advertising. Most of theirs is done by corporate as well.

Keely Madrid, 32, has been working at Skippers for two years. Despite there being a large amount of restaurants in the Mohawk area, Madrid does not see them as a challenge. “We’re the only fish place. It adds a lot of diversity,” Madrid said. Skippers is located close to WinCo. Madrid views that as a positive because a lot of their customers are shoppers from the grocery store who want to pick up dinner before they head home.

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