Science Students Consider New Building Exciting But Unnecessary

Lauren McLean
Assignment #2

Science students and staff are pleased with the science community as a whole on the UO campus. But some students are unaware of a new building that is currently being constructed right on the edge of the science campus. After being informed of the building, they did not have more than mild excitement about the development. The construction of the Lewis Integrative Science Building is in full swing and will be completed later this year.

Human physiology major Patrick Lewis was not aware before that the Lewis building is currently under construction. But he says he is looking forward to its completion: “I’m definitely gonna go check it out.”

Lewis is mostly happy with the buildings on the science campus that are already in use. “I really like Onyx Bridge…Klamath is good too. But Colombia 150 sucks. It’s a very uncomfortable place to be…and I’m usually there for like six hours a day,” he said.

Art major Laura Bevilacqua also did not know about the new building, despite taking multiple biology, chemistry and physics classes. She said that her favorite science building is Willamette. She also said that many of her science classes are in Lillis, the business school.

Craig Biersdorff works with campus operations in the environmental health and safety office in Onyx Bridge. As a staff member, he did know about the Lewis building.  Biersdorff has an overall objective view about the state of the buildings on the science campus. “We’ve got a full range. There are some that need to be replaced and of course there are some new ones, like the Lewis building.” He said that only certain departments will be moving to the new building. His department won’t be one of them. “We are low priority,” he said.

Though happy to hear about the Lewis building, Lewis couldn’t think of any improvements that could be made in the actual science program. He had no complaints about the department as a whole. The only complaint came from Bevilqua, who said she wishes the department offered more help for students. She explained that she has struggled a lot, especially in physics. “There’s a limited amount of help because there’s only one teacher for an entire class…During the extra office hours everyone’s sitting in this little room and this guy has to go back and forth.” Laura thinks that the addition of more GTF’s would be beneficial.

Lewis is especially happy with the quality of teaching in his science classes. “I’m really close with a bunch of my teachers,” he said. Lewis’ favorite professor is Greg Williams, who teaches chemistry because, Lewis said, “He is straightforward and challenging.”

The science program is rigorous and demanding. The addition of a new building will not change that, although there were no objections against it. Regardless of the quality of the architecture on the science campus, both Lewis and Biersdorff agree that obtaining a science degree from the UO is impressive.

“It’s a very good program. It’s amazing how much research gets moved into private enterprises and businesses,” Biersdorff said. “I think it’s prestigious… A lot of undergraduates have gone through the program and gone into some major, well-known universities.”

“I feel like it’s right up there with all the other competitive science schools,” said Lewis, who wants to be a doctor. “It’s not one of the names like Harvard or anything like that, but it’s up there.”


The waterfall, tucked behind Willamette and located close to Cascade Hall, provides a relaxing study area for science students.


Students participate in mandatory labs for their science classes in Klamath Hall.

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