UO Students tell their Opinions about Journalism

By: Maygan Beckers

According to a recent survey in the art community at UO, print newspaper is not dying. However, the neighborhood is questioning news credibility.

Eight out of ten people said they read print newspaper regularly. The publications that are read are The New York Times, The Oregonian, Oregon Daily Emerald, The Register-Guard, and Eugene Weekly.

When comparing the Oregon Daily Emerald and The Register-Guard, most interviewees would rather trust the facts and read the Oregon Daily Emerald.

“It’s more relatable as being a student and being on this campus,” said UO’s undeclared sophomore Jeffery Lonergan. “It makes me feel like I have more of a connection to it like the people who are behind the newspaper are students just like me with similar goals.”

However, there were a few opinions to both the Oregon Daily Emerald and The Register-Guard.

“I would probably look at both of them with the equal amount of skepticism and hopefully take into account the perspective of not just the reporter, but also the information that the reporter is getting comes from a certain point-of-view,” said David Mason, Director of facilities for the School of Music and Dance at UO.

Although reporters are told to hide their point-of-view in stories, a large amount of interviewees agree that journalists have a biased opinion to them.

Most believe that the media is biased liberally. Four think the media is individually biased and one opinion remains that the media are not liberally, conservatively, or individually biased.

“In general they’re unbiased, but of course there are certain organizations that have a bias,” said UO art history major Lucy Momoh.

Sophomore from Portland, OR and Choral Music Education major Katrina Allen said that she thinks media is supposed to be unbiased, but isn’t. Allen thinks the facts are constructed based on whoever’s running the media corporation and their bias.

Several interviewees questioned the credibility of news and reporters. Many had an opinion on this component in journalism and continued to state their opinions.

“I think a lot of news stories that journalist write they tend to only show about half of the truth or one aspect. They don’t show the big picture. They just show whatever part they want to show or that their employers want them to show,” UO sophomore and music major in clarinet performance Calvin Yue said. “That’s the only part that they’re going to present to the public.”

The future will determine if this opinion will continue on journalists and the journalism field.

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