Competition and Other Challenges for Businesses in Mohawk

Businesses in the Mohawk neighborhood of Springfield, Oregon, enjoy the regular customers they get from being located right off the freeway, but they say competition from other businesses and dealing with the neighborhood association are challenges to overcome.

Three business located within a couple blocks from each other on Mohawk Boulevard have very different experiences with business and the neighborhood association. Along the busy street of Mohawk, located right of the freeway, there are many businesses that are corporately owned as well as family owned. Each of these differently owned and operated businesses deal with the competition of surrounding stores in different ways.

Sherwin-Williams Paints has no problem attracting people to their store, even with the “tons of competition” in the area. The store has been in the same location for about 25 years, said manager Charlie Weber. He also thinks that there is an advantage to being corporate owned because they do not deal with the advertisement.

“We don’t do advertising at a store level, it’s all handled by corporate,” Weber said.

In contrast, the family owned American Mattress Manufacturing store say they have difficulty because of the neighborhood association. Patrick Hambrick, employee at American Mattress Manufacturing, said they would get more customers if their advertising could be better.

“This building sits back, and people don’t even notice we’re here,” Hambrick said. “We can’t even put any balloons out or even any sandwich boards.”

Hambrick said the two small banners, provided by the neighborhood association, do not help enough.

Down the street from the paint and mattress stores, Skippers Seafood N’ Chowder does not seem to have any problems with competition or advertising, said manager Keely Madrid.

Madrid does not think that having the restaurant located a little down from Mohawk Boulevard, or the fact that there are many fast-food restaurants close by, has any affect on business. “I don’t think we would have any more business a block and a half away than we do right here,” Madrid said.

Banners provided to American Mattress Manufacturing from the neighborhood association

Skippers Seafood N' Chowder

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