Conflicting Views In Community Connect to One Underlying Issue

Residents of Glenwood, Oregon, stress issue of safety and security among its neighborhoods. Issues of effects of drugs among residential areas is the source of fear.

Residents believe the lack of stability in neighborhoods reflect the overall image and reputation of Glenwood.

Glenwood residents said they are a tight knit community with events such as the most recent “Egg and Beer Hunt” and upcoming “4/20 party” they said to celebrate Earth Day.

Brad Woodruff, long term resident of 12 years, said he appreciates events like these because they help unify the community.

Woodruff said, “We pride ourselves with no drugs and knowing each other all the way around.” Woodruff hopes for an rise in appreciation and respect of recognizing Glenwood as its own city and community.

Woodruff serves as a community leader in Glenwood, he said. When he moved into his house, it was a prime drug traffic hot spot, but now he does’t let anyone slide with drugs around the area. “Dopers ain’t allowed on my property, and they know that”.

Woodruffs friend in same neighborhood, Tony Adams, said he feels differently.

Adams said, “I would do my level best to talk you out of ever, ever, ever living in the area. Ever.” He said his main concerns are drugs and stealing that are problems in the neighborhood. He added that he has smelled the drugs cooking in nearby houses.

Adams and Woodruff agreed that homelessness seems to be a contributor to the drug problem. The local Dairy-Mart is a known safe haven and a common spot of the homeless in Glenwood.

However, a new local homeless shelter, Sharkle Safe Haven, located right by the Dairy-Mart, is a transitional area for housing geared towards the residents of Glenwood who have been homeless.

Norman Chambers serves as the Vice President of Consumer Counselor for the shelter. He works as an advocate for local consumers and believes that the area of Glenwood is growing. Originally from Cottage Grove, Chambers said he has hope the new urban renewal plan of reconstructing the city of Glenwood into a more residential and park area will “turn it around.”

The privilege of helping fellow Glenwood residents is what he said makes his job worth it. The emergence of facilities like the Safe Haven shelter hope to decrease the issues of homelessness as well as safety and security.

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