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Zachary Parker: Enterprise Update

I have changed the idea for my enterprise story. I will write about methamphetamine in Springfield: past, present, future.  I’m setting up interviews with Sgt. John Umenhofer, Rick Siel (who was on the forefront of the “war on drugs” in … Continue reading

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First-generation college student struggles to make ends meet, yet never gives up

Makenzie Scott sits on a black leather couch in her house a few blocks away from campus. She is wearing a pair of Nike yoga pants and a sweatshirt that reads “Marshfield High School Track & Field.” Scott tries to … Continue reading

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Enterprise Proposal

Administered by the College of Business at the University of Oregon, Oregon Career Information System helps give and develop information about occupations, post-secondary programs, financial aid, and career options. Used throughout schools, work forces, and social services, CIS helps support … Continue reading

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Laughter and Love: the two best things in life

The 7th floor RiverBend hospital room in Springfield, Oregon, is chaos. Nurses, doctors, and specialists constantly come and go throughout the day. The patient needs his blood tested. He needs to take his medications. He needs to be examined by … Continue reading

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Enterprise Update

Sources: This week I plan to interview the director of the Barcelona program, Philip Speranza. This interview will be my official source, as he is a director. I plan on getting information on this specific program, check to see if … Continue reading

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Enterprise Update- Draft

Issue: Students who are majoring in science do not have the opportunity to take their major around the world. Studying abroad seems to be a conflict because of the high criteria of courses that need to be completed before graduation. … Continue reading

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Enterprise: The Believe Boutique

The Believe Boutique The Willamette Valley Cancer Institute has been working on a secret project for their patients. It is was what WVCI employees have come to call the “spa.” The WVCI needed a place to provide women and men … Continue reading

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