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For my first stop on the search for potential profile candidates in Glenwood, I went to BRING Recycling, a popular and local recycling center for trading and selling materials. I approached a worker named Vanessa who has only been working at BRING for the past three days. She agreed to be a candidate for the profile although she directs me to the Donna Doperoy, involved with the public relations coordination aspect of BRING. Donna supervises the other workers and suggests I talk to Emily Horton who is a long time worker who takes trips to find recycled goods as well as goes through the recycling goods and decides what to do with it all and tells me she is an interesting person with an interesting story. She also suggests I can talk to an employee Al who works in the deconstruction of metals and other resources and decides what to do with them. She told me to come back when she works Tuesday through Saturday and she can find me the schedules and information on one of the employees who are willing to do a profile piece. Doperoy tells me the use of the online blog would be fine.

My next stop was the local Shankle Safe Haven Shelter Care center that is one among numerous other locations throughout the Eugene and Springfield area. I approach a worker who is taking a cigarette break in the parking lot by the name of Terri LaPado who is a cook and works full-time at the shelter.She tells me she works to make meals for up to fourteen to sixteen homeless people in the Glenwood that come to the shelter for food and comfort throughout the day and night. She mostly works Thursday through Sunday cooking, preparing and serving the meals and goes shopping every Wednesday for the supplies. Terri agreed to be a profile subject and suggested the best time to see her in action would be the weekend on Fridays when she serves dinner around 3pm to see the entire cooking process and interactions with the people she experiences each day.  

I was lucky to have learned about these businesses for this profile assignment because it was rather hard to get people to have interest and allow for this interview process to be held. I tried stopping by the antique shops and were turned down by various people. I think the cook at the shelter would be the best candidate because she works and lives in Glenwood full-time as well as interacts with the residents and community there.

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  1. atallmadge says:

    Good that you kept looking until you found someone who you thought would make a great candidate. I agree with your choice. Forward!

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