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My search for the “perfect” profile subject was fortunately not difficult whatsoever. I began by reaching out to people I knew via Facebook and Twitter. I posted a status and tweet asking if anyone knew of a student or faculty member in a science or math department that had a unique talent or hobby. While many people replied by suggesting mutual friends, a few individuals contacted me with names that I was unfamiliar with. I decided on two that I would attempt to contact. The first was an Oregon cheerleader majoring in pre-med. Unfortunately, she ended up having a minor in advertising; therefore, I could not use her as my profile. The second name I was given was Hayden Harker. Aside from being a mathematics professor here at the university, Harker competes competitively in pin ball competitions. Luckily, he is more than happy to be my profile subject. Math and pin ball are two very foreign subjects to me, and I am excited to learn more about both!

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  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    I like this. Let’s see where it goes!

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