Profile Adventure

Today I started my search for the best candidate for a profile story and came across two completely different individuals.

Twenty year old sophomore, Margarite Waddell, is my first candidate majoring in French horn performance at the School of Music.  Her life goal is to be successful enough to be able to provide for herself. Wadell’s inspiration is the way music has a way of communication. “I don’t like being bad at things, I like being good,” she said.

Although she is originally from Eugene, she attended the University of Redland in California her first two years of college. However, she decided to come back to Eugene because she “loves it here so much.” Her mom works here at the university. Her dad plays in the Eugene symphony and teaches rock and roll history at Lane Community College.

Waddell enjoys yoga, running, and eating Thai and Indian food. In her spare time, she likes to bake berry and apple pies. In high school, Waddell was in a club called “pie-oneers” in which they made pies for local charities. Waddell said that grocery shopping is the most fun thing to do, as she likes going to Sundance for their produce.

Senior and twenty-two year old, Jake McGrew, is my second candidate double majoring in economics and music. He has been a member of the Oregon Marching Band since his freshman year and has also been in the Green Guarder Band for approximately one year.

Although a requirement for the band, he considers going to different cities to play recruitment gigs with Green Guarder Band a free time activity.

Originally from Hillsboro, OR, McGrew plays basketball and football games and tutors students in economics in the Knight Library café on the weekends. He also plays the saxophone and is a research assistant in economics for UO professor Bruce Blonigen.

His life goal is to be involved in Peace Corps to teach math. He thinks it would be a good experience to be away from civilization for a while. McGrew also wants to get a PhD in economics and use that degree towards becoming a professor. He said he feels like he can help people be able to use what he was taught in college to help future generations.

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  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    OK, Maygan. I see that you already have a fair amount of info (fact-wise, that is). Hope the interviews get you some scenes and anecdotes!

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