Profile Pitch

Since we’ve started our project, I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for contacts in the Glenwood area.

A while back I delivered a pizza to a man named Scott G. who said he would be willing to be a contact and gave me his number. I called him today and asked him if he would be willing to be a profile subject. His home used to be his grandparents. They built it up from a chicken coop on the property. He’s put in a lot of work into his home and his family, fought for full custody of both of his daughters.

Scott said he would willing to be a last chance subject. He says his daughter has lived an eventful life and worked through a lot and now she’s a student at the UO. He is going to give her my number and have her call me.

Lastly, I talked to Brad Woodruff today. He’s been in the hospital for Chemotherapy and is getting out tomorrow. We interviewed him for one of our first assignments and I said from the beginning that I would love to do a profile on him. He was in an accident many years ago and is now paralyzed. On top of that he is dealing with a spinal cancer, hence the chemo. He loves his home which seems to be the ultimate gathering place for his neighbors. He has a serious passion for making a difference in any life he touches. Even talking to me he says, “Stick with me, kid, you’ll go far!” He wants to make a TV show that focuses on wheelchair accessible locations all around the world – even places people wouldn’t think about accessible, but are. He wants to spend time with his friends and family no matter what. When we were there at his house his was (and may still be) bedridden. He was talking about how his family was going to come visit and they were going to have a party out in the yard and he was making plans on how to widen the doorway so he could get his bed outside. Brad Woodruff has awesome stories to tell of his past, has a passion for the present, and has great plans for his future. I think he would make an awesome profile piece and he is more than willing to talk anyone’s ear off if he would only be allowed.

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I'm a journalism major at the U of O working towards being a career copy editor.
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  1. atallmadge says:

    I’ll send an email.

  2. David Dibble says:

    Born and raised on Henderson Ave in Glenwood, I currently live in Texas but I still own the property on Henderson. I am retired so if I can answer any questions to help let me know.

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