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While interviewing art students for my various projects, I was still constantly on the look-out for potential profile subjects. One of the students mentioned that she was trying to get her art into one of the storefronts of the Eugene Storefront Art Project (ESAP) I did my own research, and decided to do my profile specifically on Marc Gunther, one of the co-founders, and the man behind the idea.

Although Gunther is not specifically related to the art department, I’m planning on linking him to the department by finding out how many students have participated in the ESAP. Having this outlet for students to showcase their work, while benefiting the derelict storefronts in Eugene, is something I would consider as making a difference in the school’s art department.

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2 Responses to Profile Search

  1. Suzi Steffen says:

    OK. Hm. You might think about profiling Paula Goodbar, also one of the founders of the ESAP – as a matter of fact, the woman who sparked the idea for it and a local artist who hasn’t received as much media attention as Marc. Let me know if you’re interested; I can get you in touch with her.

    • ccheng3 says:

      That’s perfect! Thanks Suzi! Do let me know the best way to contact her. How about the link back to the art department? Does it sound like it works?

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