Enterprise pitch

For the enterprise story I have two ideas:

1) The Gateway Mall’s Movies 12 theater

The theater has provided  older movies leaving the big theaters for $1.50 for as long as I can remember. It would be interesting to see how the small time theater has kept its low price while adapting to new technologies such as digital 3D movies. It would also be great to get some history of the theater and whats its plans are for the future. Also, how the theater has survived in the economy. I can talk to movie goers to see how they like the smaller run down theater in comparison to big theaters like Regal Cinemas. I can also write movie reviews and do a multimedia piece.

2) The Willamette Valley Cancer Institute

The premiere cancer institute in Lane County, where I can talk to doctors, nurses, and patients about one of the most pressing diseases. I can find out what WVCI doctors are doing to further the research and betterment of cancer treatment, as well as talk to patients about their treatment. I can do separate articles on doctors who have drugs, which they invented, in clinical trails. There is also a doctor there who is involved in long distance bike racing outside of work and I am sure there are plenty of inspiring patient stories.

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