Enterprise Plan

By: Joseph Ryan Stefan

My plan for my enterprise idea is to look at the City of Springfield’s Council. The council consists of six members.

I would like to see what the responsibilities of the city counselors are and how they have influence on this evolution of the city.

The Register Guard put out a column on May 17th speaking to how the city is becoming “business friendly.” I would like to see what goals are important to the members of the council and what that may mean.

I have reached out and arranged an interview with the city council member from the gateway area. His name is Sean VanGordon. I would like to take a closer look at him and the portion of the city he is in charge of leading. I am looking forward to interviewing the council member this week. I have made contact with him through Twitter.

I would like to get a few looks at VanGordon at a council meeting and another part of his personal life. He may also be able to lead me to sources at the University of Oregon for some personal takes on him since he is a U of O graduate.

I will arrange interviews with municipal workers in the area and see what they think of VanGordon. I would also like to arrange an interview with the woman who just lost to VanGordon in the last election Robyn Sattler.

About jstefan65

I am a journalist that is in journalism school. I am in my junior year. I was a bartender in the city of Chicago for the last 7 years. I love sports but also love theater. I hope to leave a writing that will be translate that moment throughout time.
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