Enterprise Update

My enterprise story will be on the impact of homeless shelters on homelessness. I will focus on the Shankle Safe Haven Shelter in Glenwood, OR, which is part of a chain of homeless shelters called Shelter Care. In Oregon, 22,116 individuals experienced homelessness in 2011. I plan to interview several people to see how this number can decrease. Here are some interview subjects:


Robert Rogers, Program Manager at Shankle Safe Haven: I am interviewing Rogers on Tuesday. I will ask him about the work he does at the Shelter and how he thinks shelters help the issue of homelessness. I will also ask him what more he thinks needs to be done on the issue.


Mark, Formally Homeless: I will set up a phone interview with Mark and ask him how he dealt with being homeless and how he turned his life around.


Other Shankle Safe Haven Workers: To get multiple perspectives from the people who are actively trying to change the impacts of homelessness. I hope that when I go in and talk to Rogers I can also interview a couple other staff members.


Homeless who attend Shankle Safe Haven: To get their perspective on how Shankle Safe Haven has helped their situation. This might be hard because the last time I interviewed people experiencing homelessness they were hesitant about giving their name.


Glenwood Residents: On the homeless in the area and how it affects how they feel about the area. I will also ask if they’ve seen a change with the presence of the homeless shelter.


A member of the Homelessness Advisory Council: I sent an e-mail to Mary Carroll, the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Coordinator and EHAC Support Staff, but if that doesn’t pan out there are other people I can contact who would give a perspective of homelessness on a state level. http://www.ehac.oregon.gov/OHCS/EHAC/contact_us.shtml


Jackie L. Culver: She has written several articles on homelessness in Oregon and is a Board Member at the Mentor Research Institute. If she replies to my e-mail I think she could add an interesting point of view.


My article will open up with a scene of Shankle Safe Haven and continue on to stats and anecdotes about homelessness in Oregon.


Research: Shankle Safe Haven opened in 1997. There have not been many stories on the shelter specifically, the ones that exist are mostly just about what the shelter does. My story will differ because it will connect the Shelter to issues of homelessness at large and what shelters are doing to help this issue.


Issues: In my article I am going to address the issue of why people become homeless, why people stay homeless, and some of the issues with shelters and how they can be improved to help more people. My issue involves controversy because not all Glenwood residents are for helping the homeless but are for getting rid of them because they congregate on street corners and they used to congregate under the bridge.

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