Glenwood Enterprise Post

I will be focusing on the Glenwood Refinement Plan and how it affects the community. The GRP is a layout of how Glenwood is going to be developed in the future.
According to planning map, one major (for sure) decision is to widen Franklin Boulevard for the EMX. This decision will affect those who live and have businesses on the south side of Franklin Blvd (or at least the outer edge).
The other plan has yet to be decided, but the planning map also shows developments that will be built over trailer parks and most businesses on the north side of Franklin Blvd.
I talked to Steve Mo, who is part of the planning team for the renovation as well as owner of Intercity Inc. His business is one of the few that are safe from the GRP, according to the planning map.
I’ve also talked to the people of Your Place: Buy & Sell, who might be in danger of relocating their business (they are located on the north side Franklin Blvd).
I have yet to talk to the people south of Franklin Blvd., though I would like to interview some of the people who work at Dairy Mart, as the building is in the way of the Franklin Blvd. widening.
I would also like to talk to some of the people who live on the northern trailer parks for details on what they have done to prepare for such a plan and what they plan to do about it.

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