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For my enterprise story I want to talk about the survival of Glenwood business during the economy drop. A lot of businesses went under in the last five years due to the recession and Glenwood was most certainly hit by that.  There are so many empty buildings just down Franklin, but take some side streets and there are more. So my enterprise will have an economy focus.

My primary subject is the Snack Shack on Old Franklin. The owner bought it five years ago from her friend and it has been doing well ever since her purchase. She’s shared with me her business plans and how she’s stayed afloat through the hard times. The previous owner had it for 10 years. The building itself has been a restaurant since the ’60s and was only empty for a couple months for renovations. I think it’s pretty amazing this establishment has stayed running for so long in such an odd place, where there are only two restaurants.

My research will include other businesses in the area. Some that have gone under and others that have survived. I want to hear their survival stories, how they did it. I will be in contact with the City of Springfield to get some stats on the ins and outs of businesses over the last five years and see what the trends have been. One of my stories can be on housing and how the recession has effected that.

I think this enterprise will be a compilation of several smaller stories focusing on various aspects of the economy of Glenwood. 1) a photo story showing the new building that’s going on and the closed down buildings that have been sitting for a while. 2) a story on the Snack Shack and how the owner is running the place and how she ran it when customers dropped. 3) a story on what places have gone under. 4) housing.

I hope that I’m going in the right direction with this idea. If not, please let me know so I can refocus.

Oh, and my scenes would be the streets of Glenwood and within the establishments. I will interview owners and residents along with finding records with the City.

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I'm a journalism major at the U of O working towards being a career copy editor.
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