Trips to Portland often resulted in me climbing on art I probably wasn’t supposed to be on…

Hey y’all! My name is Minna Kim and I am from the tiny suburb of Tigard, OR (it’s about 15 minutes away from downtown Portland, if you were wondering).
In high school, I think my desire to join the newspaper initially came from wanting to do everything just like my older brother. He was, and still is, very intelligent and an excellent writer and I aspired to be half as great as I thought he was. After realizing that I had a knack and passion for writing and designing, I knew that I wanted to study journalism and somehow pursue a career in it.
I essentially spent high school spewing pop culture facts, correcting grammar and designing pages for the newspaper’s entertainment section. Once college rolled around, I found myself being roped into designing handouts for a friend’s run at ASUO president and later on, direct-mailers for the Lane County Commissioner.

As a junior majoring in both journalism and advertising, I’m not entirely sure where I want my career to take me. I have at least two years left here at the University of Oregon and I guess we’ll just have to burn that bridge when we get to it.

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