Tips for the New Kids

by Anna Bird

Those first few weeks of your freshman year at college can be some of the most terrifying and trying times of your young adult life. But once you figure out how to ration your meal points, the rest is a piece of cake. However, in case you need some of that wholesome, been-there-done-that, grown up kind of advice, then we have you covered. My friends Spencer and Spencer (Spencer²) and I, moseyed down Agate Street (it’s okay, you’ll learn the street names after enough weekends have gone by) to round up some of those words of wisdom for you.

Colleen O’Malley, our first knowledgeable pedestrian, warned that in-class education is simply not enough anymore. The best educational experiences in college come from the out-of-class experiences such as internships and extra-curriculars. So if you like to write, find a campus publication that fits your interests; if you like to be outdoors, check out the UO Outdoor Program; if you’re an athlete, look to UO Club Sports or the Rec Center’s Intramural programs. The list of possibilities is plentiful, so explore your opportunities!
Thanks, Colleen.

We caught Sabastian Trickett, a recent graduate of the UO, playing basketball outside of the Law School. He expressed that incoming Freshmen should savor and cherish their first year because, not to scare you, it only gets harder as the years go on. And in order to deal with the countless hours of studying and recouping after strenuous lectures, Sabastian also advises Freshman to meet as many people as you can. You’re all going to the same school, so chances are, there are many folks around with similar interests as you. “You can meet some of your best friends in college.” Word. Thank you, Sabastian.

And last but not least, our final tip is simple, but nonetheless effective. They are words of caution from a UO Law Professor, so out of all the advice we have given, this may just be the most credible. “Don’t drink alcohol,” says Caroline Forell. She knows the law, and she knows y’all aren’t 21. So be safe out there!

Don’t give up now, it is only Syllabus Week, and the homework will pile on soon enough. But that also means your classes will get more interesting, and you will have most stuff to complain about over cheesy grillers with all your new friends. Everything is new, and exciting, and scary, and you may be incredibly full of doubt. But don’t fret, listen to us, because we have all worn the lanyards and wandered around lost and confused, too.

About Anna Bird

Journalism student at the University of Oregon. Writer and Assistant Editor for The Siren. Designer for Ethos Magazine.
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