Tips in Excelling

Dean Gleason

Timothy Gleason (right), dean of the SOJC, believes getting to know professors and balancing time are two of the most important aspects of starting school.

By Jordan Tichenor, Sam Stites and Maddie Stone

Succeeding in school is tough, even for those of us with experience in the topic.

While seniors still struggle with due dates and term papers, incoming freshman have it especially tough, with no frame of reference.

“The first thing is they need to get to know their professors. They need to work carefully on time management,” said SOJC Dean Timothy Gleason.

Learning to properly balance out school, work and anything else is one of the most important skills to grasp, he said.

Similarly, Ben Buckmaster , Sigma Chi fraternity member, said, “Planning out time to study and planning out time to party,” and balancing those two in a healthy manner are integral to success in a college environment.

Sigma Nu members Kyle Broderick and Kyle Miller believe making an effort to socialize with teachers and students alike is a necessary component of doing well and feeling comfortable during the first week.

“Meet as many people as possible,” said Broderick.

Miller added going to the library to study and make use of the resources available is something more students (freshman and otherwise) should consider.

“I didn’t go (to the library) a lot last year and I definitely could have used it,” he said.

For those less sure of what they should invest their time in, this article in Forbes advises students “take the risk of learning something new.”

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