Spencer Gordon’s Bio

Spencer Gordon is currently studying to earn a bachelor’s degree in both journalism and cinema studies. Although it is one of his majors, Gordon hopes to utilize his cinema degree and pursue a film career in America’s ever competitive film industry first; however, he is a writer at heart and would gladly work as a reporter– as long as he can be paid for written work.

Gordon believes his persona today is based off of three things. First, his upbringing from St. Helens, Oregon, which is a small and dumpy town just outside of Portland where Gordon began his film dream in the fourth grade and never let the town’s negative attitude bring him down. Second, his journey through college so far, where it has led him to a plethora of new and better friends, along with a membership at Beta Theta Pi fraternity, both of which has successfully put St. Helens in his rear view mirror. And finally third, his recent study abroad experience in London, England, where he was able to finally break out of the American bubble that had encapsulated him for so long and inspire him to pursue his career aspirations seriously and effectively.

Gordon has experience with the campus organizations The Daily Emerald, Ethos and Duck TV. He has also worked for the professional publication The Chronicle and written and produced numerous film projects.

DJ Dedleg’s promotional poster.

He’s also a killer DJ named DJ DEDLEG.

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