Current Events Quiz #2 for #J361NN, Fall 2012

[Portrait of Arthur Aaron, ca. July 1947] (LOC)

I forgot to post last week’s, but here is this week’s quiz for J361 Neighborhood News, complete with random Creative Commons-approved quiz photo from Flickr.

October 2, 2012
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Current Events Quiz #2

1. What state’s restrictive new voter ID law has been “put on hold” until after the November election? Bonuses: What amendment to the Constitution protects voters’ rights? And what year did the U.S.’s major federal voting rights act pass?

2. Doctors in Egypt began what today? Bonuses: What’s the capital of Egypt? Name the major river of Egypt.

3. Why is the EMU renovation on hold for now? Bonus, for anyone who didn’t write the story: Which of your classmates wrote the cover story for yesterday’s print edition of the Emerald? Bonus, for the person who did write the story: What’s the Twitter handle of the person you profiled?

4. In Haiti, what emblematic building is about to be razed? Why? Bonuses: What’s the capital of Haiti? With what other country does it share an island?

5. What West Coast MLB team clinched a playoff berth last night even though it may not win its division?

6. What company’s catalog digitally erased women for its Saudi Arabian edition? Bonus: Whom did the company blame for that erasure?

7. In the country of Georgia, what’s going on with the elections?

8. A Malaysian court ruled what about publishing newspapers? Bonuses: What’s the capital of Malaysia? Name Malaysia’s two neighboring countries, by land.

9. Israeli policy toward Iran is shifting toward what, from what?

10. A seat came loose on a flight of what airline (making it the third seat to do so recently)?

Extra Bonuses:

Los Angeles is unusually deadly for people using what forms of transportation, according to a new study?

What viral photo turned out to be the result of a tour guide doing something stupid (but funny) in 2008 when the women in the photo were on spring break? Where were they (the name of the town would be best)?

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