Downtown, there’s no finer place for sure!

Eugene’s downtown neighborhood contains an eclectic mix of suburban housing, run-down industrial warehouses, and ritzy marketplaces. Lawyers and city workers walk alongside cross-eyed homeless uttering a slur of unintelligible sentences. In a sense, downtown is a perfect representation of Eugene. People pass each other without a second glance and there appears to be some sort of symbiotic relationship among the people downtown.

The buildings sit trapped in a time period 30 years prior. Some lie empty, while others struggle to keep businesses afloat. While it seems as though it is a struggle to survive downtown, small glimmers of hop rise above: Eugene’s public library, the new LCC campus, and the Saturday Market bring rejuvenationto a city that lies well past it’s prime.

Downtown Eugene holds the heart of the city. It is slowly beginning to transform into the bustling hub it once was, and now is just the beginning.

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