The Whiteaker area is busy and loud.  The cars rush down 7th, headlong toward their destinations.  The streets are packed with businesses and restaurants.  Some are the kind you would expect from any city, like State Farm and Wells Fargo  Some are unique to Eugene, like the Fisherman’s Market and the Hult Center.  If you’re speeding by in one of those cars, you might miss some of the experiences this neighborhood has to offer.  Try it on foot sometime though, and you may have a more interesting experience.  There is the Hult Center, on 7th and Willamette, which hosts a variety of entertainments every month.  On the corner of 7th and Jefferson, there is a small space set aside from the rush.  This park has been adored with a large geometric statue.  It pops insistently from the greenery, a centerpiece for all the weary citizens resting in shady corners.  Hollywood Antiques provides a variety of collectible items, and the building itself is an interesting feature.  If you like Mexican food and ambiance, try “Taqueria Mi Tierra” on 7th and Blair.  While you’re in the area, walk across the street for the “Fisherman’s Market,” and try their seafood. 

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