Exploring the Whiteaker

A community fridge door used to express art. This was the advertisement of the fridge door.

Traveling down Chambers Street in a SUV during a relatively warm and sunny Autumn day, one would be hard-pressed to find something of interest. If you park your car and explore to the West while on foot, you will be sure to observe hidden surprises and marvelous sights. That is exactly what Ashley and I did. We walked down West 2nd Ave and ventured into the Whiteakerdistrict. During our exploration we discovered a lot of businesses, mostly auto shops, which we quickly grew bored with. We decided to head into

Fitting that the two main attention grabbers in this picture: a pumpkin and a car part, are relative to the theme that we found throughout the neighborhood.

An interesting looking Christian church book shop, tucked away behind some businesses.

A friendly man we met while walking. He really captured the good-nature feel of the neighborhood.

A house on West 3rd Ave and Van Buren

the residential area. After winding our way around, we found a neighborhood on West 3rd Ave and Van Buren Street. It was a very interesting place and I would love to go back and learn more about it. Many of the houses were already extremely decorated with traditional Halloween items. Also, on that street, is a circle of chairs with a table in the center. This is located on the sidewalk and right next to a giant tree. What do the residents use this space for? Who started this event? Is it even an event? It is a story in the making and one that I would love to pursue. That is not to mention the fact that there is a hand-made pirate ship in the front lawn of one house. All this was discovered on an hour-long walk through random neighborhoods. I cannot imagine what will be unearthed by the end of this term.

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