Amazon in a Nutshell

There are many community interactive art instillations all over Amazon neighborhood. This awning on Harris street hangs over the sidewalk for neighbors to walk under.

Amazon in a Nutshell

Written by Kyle McKee
Photos by Kyle McKee

The quaint, eclectic and pleasant neighborhood of Amazon in Eugene, Oregon is just south of the University of Oregon.

This residential area is home to many parks, colorful homes, organic gardens, and ethnic restaurants. People of all ages seem to walk around the neighborhood fully content in this safe area.

View from the cemetery on a fall day in Amazon neighborhood.

The Eugene Historic Cemetery during sunset in the Amazon neighborhood.

Being so close the University of Oregon, the residents are a mixed group of older Eugenians, families and college students. Despite the cultural difference within these categories, minimal conflicts arise because of the generational gaps, and the different age groups live side by side.

This neighborhood is home of the Eugene-famous organic grocery store, Sundance Natural Foods. Eugene Historic Cemetery is also located in Amazon neighborhood.

This cemetery is the final resting place for many of Eugene’s founding fathers.

Another highlight of the neighborhood is Amazon Park. This park has a recreation center, a community pool, many running trails and green lawns.

Amazon Park

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