Guru Amar Khalsa

Discovering the hidden attractions of Salt Lake City

My name is Guru Amar Khalsa and there are several places I call home, including Eugene, South Florida (where I’m actually from) and India, where I was in school for eight years. I have always loved traveling so I realized journalism would be a great idea, since a degree in creative writing, my other choice, could only go so far. So even with my love for photography, design and writing, I am still unsure what my focus will be aside from advertising, anything but that. I dream of simply traveling the world and sharing my glimpses of unusual, exotic, overlooked and forgotten places and people.

Outside of school, some might call me a workaholic, but oddly enough it is what keeps me sane. So then, outside of work and class, I love being active, soaking up whatever fragments of sunlight ever make it down here, music, dancing like nobody’s watching, creating feasts, reading, spending all my extra money on books and anything fun in general. Let’s just say I’m here for the adventure!

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