North Eugene: River Road/Santa Clara

A backhoe sits idle at the with on-going construction behind at the River Road transit station. Only three buses serve this large “park and ride” station. (Sam Stites/J361NN)

North Eugene High School is a central hub of traffic in the River Road/Santa Clara neighborhoods. Attendance is just above 1,000 students according to Oregon Board of Education statistics. (Sam Stites/J361NN)

Eugene-Springfield’s water pollution control facility “collects and treats wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries before returning the cleaned water, or effluent, to the Willamette River.” It’s located just a half mile from North Eugene High School. (Sam Stites/J361NN)

A private landfill occupies several acres in North Eugene. (Sam Stites/J361NN)

A paper mill, a private landfill and a waste water treatment plant all sit within a mile of the confluence of the Willamette river and McKenzie river. (Sam Stites/J361NN)

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