The Churchill Community

by Anna Bird

As you drive west on 18th Avenue, and keep driving, and keep driving further, you find the quiet residential neighborhood of Churchill. The neighborhood does not appear to have any eccentric or unique qualities, but then again, the strangest Eugene residents can be anywhere. The streets are lined with Alder and Maple trees, along with many others (though I am no tree expert). One of the first buildings you see in the neighborhood is the McCornack Elementary School, but the road passing the school winds deeper into the neighborhood around your typical American homes. Many of them look to be from the early ’50s and ’60s with groomed lawns, ‘Welcome’ signs hanging on the doors, and driveways with at least one car. Once you’re out of the Churchill neighborhood you find Churchill High School at the bottom of a hill, John F. Kennedy Middle School at the top, and a FOOD for Lane County community garden nestled between them along with soccer and football fields. Right at 3:00 pm, that side of the Churchill community becomes swarmed with adolescents going to the skate park, the Churchill Market, or walking to the bus stop. And suddenly, the little Churchill community is no longer the quiet suburbia it had been a meer 20 minutes before.

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About Anna Bird

Journalism student at the University of Oregon. Writer and Assistant Editor for The Siren. Designer for Ethos Magazine.
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