The many faces of the Cal Young neighborhood

ImageWelcome to the Cal Young area, just across the river from the University of Oregon campus. Within minutes on the road, it can change from a densely packed warren of student housing, to deeply suburban residential areas, to bustling shopping/commercial areas, to the often adrenaline-filled noise-fest that is the monumental Autzen stadium, rising above it all. To then contrast the elegance of the dome-shaped stadium, is the giant, awkward beehive of construction just beside it.

Possibly a more affluent part of Eugene, it plays host to many Imagebusinesses large and small, as well as the larger shopping centers and strip malls of the town, Imageincluding the cozy Oakway Center, the jumble of Delta Oaks Shopping Center, the sprawling Valley River Center Mall, and the ever-useful Cosco, which is almost a shopping center of its own. Eugene’s single Nike store shares a prominent corner in the Oakway Center with P.F. Chang’s.Image

Not solely a commercial area though, it boasts some culture as well, containing quite a few schools, including a Spanish immersion elementary school, and many parks and a golf course, as well as many well-known local eateries. Craving pizza on a late night? Head to Papa’s Pizza just across from Safeway, one of the many supermarkets around.

ImageAs if to counteract the bustling, highly commercialized tendency of the area, the headquarters of all the main media outlets, including KEZI 9 (home to Duck TV), are tucked away behind Cosco down a wide, meandering street.

With its great bustle and diversity of people and scenery, it seems as if the Cal Young neighborhood is always on the edge of something about to happen. Not to be distracted by all the manufactured things, all the buildings, there are plenty of green, peaceful little spots tucked away from the main roads and busy areas.

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