Welcome to North Eugene…

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Our journey through the outskirts of North Eugene and Santa Clara was a swift one. Probably because we knew where we wanted to go.  If your not familiar with the area in which I am talking about, there is no need to worry because most students (and some professors I would assume) don’t even know this part of the world exists. But it does and there we were. Four SOJC students driving around River Rd. in a Ford Escape with cameras in hand.

North Eugene and the River Rd. area are virtually next door neighbors to the Santa Clara region of Eugene. And while we are just beginning to figure out what makes this side of the world so newsworthy, I was aware of a few spots that might make this journey a little informative as well as brief. A few of us had places to be so a complete comb over of the area was out of the question. So, with that in mind, we visited a few neighborhood “landmarks”.

And it all began with a stop at the local High School. After that we followed our noses to the Eugene – Springfield Water Pollution building. Then, knowing that you couldn’t miss it from the freeway on your way in, the local dump site. After that we couldn’t help but visit the River Rd. LTD station. It seems as though many people don’t like the fact that they are so under-represented as far as public transportation is concerned. Next stop… the dump. What a lovely site. Which, by the way, sits right next to our beautiful Willamette River.

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