Peaceful Amazon Neighborhood

by Rabea Stueckemann

The combination of beautiful nature and peaceful serenity makes Eugene’s Amazon neighborhood an ideal environment for its residents.

“The gardens are the best part of the neighborhood,” said Jason Radcliffe. Numerous gardens located around the green center, “Amazon Park,” complement a natural and harmonious residential area. “It is peaceful and quiet,” agreed Edwardo Puffini, admiring his surroundings.

Amazon Park

Amazon offers its residents sufficient shopping opportunities, transportation and community events. “The best thing about the neighborhood is the proximity to everything,” said Melissa Takush. The neighborhood provides easy access to everyday needs.

Residents also appreciate Amazon’s diversity. “You find every group of people living peacefully together,” said Joy Lev. “The rich, the poor, students and adults,” she added.

The  proximity to the UO campus makes Amazon neighborhood a popular residence for many college students. “The parties are probably the only downfall,” said Lev. “It can be really loud from time to time,” she said.

The opportunity to experience nature and still have access to shopping opportunities, transportation and education are the reasons why residents experience Amazon neighborhood as a harmonious community that strives to make life convenient and enjoyable for everybody. “It is the perfect neighborhood,” said Puffini.

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