Potential in the Whiteaker

By: Ashley Loney

The streets of the Whiteaker are filled with restaurants and bars that contain an artsy vibe. The residence of this fun neighborhood strives to keep its business’ local and its art Unique. Although the Whiteaker has so much to offer, those who work at locally owned business think that the Whiteaker is simply overlooked.

Cousin Jacks Pastry Company recently moved their cart into the Whiteaker neighborhood at the intersection of West 3rd Avenue and Blair Boulevard. Neighborhood News talks with Employee Grace Kaplowitz who says “business has been slow…I think it has a lot of potential to pick up, we want to put a little stage back here for live bands.” The area is constantly growing, offering its residence variety. Kaplowitz goes on to explain that she loves the character that comes along with the Whiteaker, but feels that it could attract a bigger crowd if its attractions weren’t so concentrated.

Employee Alex Weston of local Frozen Yogurt shop, Vanilla Jills has a similar opinion. Although Weston has been a member of the Whiteaker area for a short time he has quickly come to the realization that the Whiteaker has a lot to offer and great potential but that there is not many people out an about, at least until the bars open that is.

The Whiteaker is an area of constant growth and improvement, owner of Pita Fajita on West 3rd Avenue and Van Buren Street, Justin Stout felt extremely passionate about the Whiteakers past, present and future. “A lot of people…still associate this neighborhood with tweakers and homeless people and bad vibes, when that’s just not the case anymore. The Whiteakers changed a lot.”  Explains Stout as he continues to cook “ I think its got a little bit of a reputation that could use some polishing up, its about time people gave it a second visit.”

Those who are a part of the Whiteaker neighborhood love its welcoming characteristics, and all that it has to offer, not only to residence but to visitors as well. Although the area still faces problems including, theft, prostitution and homelessness it continues to rise from the ash’s of its past, finding a new light.

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