Amazon: Convenient, Artistic, and Green

Residents care about the safety of pedestrians and bikers in Amazon neighborhood.

Amazon: Convenient, Artistic, and Green

The leaves in the many trees of Amazon change color and fall to the sidewalks, the plentiful gardens in the neighborhood simultaneously reach ultimate ripeness.

Written by Kyle McKee
Photos by Kyle McKee

Community garden at the Reach Center

Charlie Magee and Geni Morrow, owners of the Reach Center, a community center for various lessons, classes, clubs, meetings, and parties, offer walkers and bikers access to the abundance of tomatoes and squash plants in the community garden on their facility.

When asked about the pros and cons of their neighborhood they responded with little negativity and overflowing good attributes.

Magee said “It’s a block from the historic cemetery and Amazon park, so there are so many great places to walk around. The streets are quiet, and we’re kind of sheltered from the busy streets. We’re sheltered enough while still being close to many shops and restaurants. It’s the perfect mix.” This idea of a ‘perfect mix’ is very apparent in the neighborhood; quiet yet alive with plenty of art covered houses, music playing out of windows, smiling bikers, and humming gardeners.

Morrow then responded saying “It is the perfect area to raise a family. Our kids were able to walk to all three of their schools growing up because they were so close and the streets are so calm. It could not have been more convenient.

Natalie Tolbert bikes home from Sundance Natural Foods on the Alder Street bike path.

Natalie Tolbert, 20-year-old college student at the University of Oregon, lives on Harris street in Amazon area and says the neighborhood has “a very good sense of community.” She thinks this is partially because of the “amazing two way bike path on Alder Street. So many students and working adults bike along Alder and this lack of cars makes people feel more safe and more willing to walk around, get to know their neighbor.” This bike path is an extreme convenience, but it has also become a major traffic area for homeless looking for bottles and cans on trash pick-up days.

Especially while autumn come upon us and the sidewalks have many walkers under the changing trees, the friendly attitudes and abundant community pride in Amazon is contagious for all who live there and all who are passing through.

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