Cal Young Neighborhood Association

Cal Young – Being the largest neighborhood geographically, one might assume the Cal Young Neighborhood Association to be one of the busier and more chaotic of all the Eugene areas.  While this may be true in certain parts of the neighborhood (the Oakway Center Mall), Cal Young also offers the quaint suburban living many families seek.

With a natural boarder via Coburg Road separating Harlow and Cal Young, one runs the entire gamut of neighborhood life once entering the area. From fast food to whole foods, the Nike Store to the Oregon Track Club and everywhere in between, there aren’t many things you’ll be hard pressed to find in this neighborhood.

“That’s why I like living [in Cal Young], I don’t really have to commute anywhere if I don’t want to,” said neighborhood resident Sarah Deffenbaugh.  “I can get my hair done, go grocery shopping and pick up a new pair of running shoes all within a mile.”

Delving deeper into the residential neighborhood itself, one will find quietly winding streets filled to the brim with suburban life; the epitome of middle-class life.  Schools K-12 operate in this neighborhood along with a fire station and Eugene Urgent Care Hospital making Cal Young virtually self-sufficient across the board.

Beyond its amenities, the residents don’t seem to mind the peace and quiet of their neighborhood offers either.

“I have friends living near the university and get to hear them complain all the time about noise problems and theft,” said Scott Level, a long-tenured resident of Cal Young. “Those are things I never really have to worry about over [in Cal Young]. The streets are always pretty quiet and we know all of our neighbors really well.”

The general impression one gets by talking to the residents of the Cal Young Neighborhood Association is that of positivity.  An all-inclusive neighborhood that offers serene peace and quiet keeps these residents planted firmly in this neighborhood.

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