Cal Young: Quiet, Quaint and Congested

The Cal Young neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon starts just across the Willamette river where Coburg road. And of all the various neighborhoods in Eugene, Cal Young is one of the biggest in size. However despite that size, residents of the neighborhood enjoy the accessibility of the area.

With numerous stores and two malls in the Valley River Center and Oakway center in the area, there is certainly no shortage of places.

Nicole McCain, an employee at Vision Eyeworks at the Valley River Center for over four years, said “It’s close to malls and movies.” McCain also added “It’s easy to go shopping after work.”

Ryan Franke, receiving manager at Sports Authority, likes working in the area because “I like the access, it’s easy to get to and from home. There’s access to everywhere,”

But to go along with accessibility and places to go, comes congestion- which both McCain and Franke noted.

“There’s a lot of traffic, it’s really congested.” McCain, who drives to work every day, said. “Especially Saturdays, Friday afternoons and early mornings”

Traffic is a major problem in the Cal Young area.

Franke mentioned the school zones in the area as a reason for the traffic. The Cal Young area holds schools such as Willagillespie Elementary and Monroe Middle School.

“Because of all the schools it does tend to get congested and a little bit slow at times.” Franke said.

While Franke and McCain both drive every day, University student Abdul Alenezi takes the bus, which can prove to be quite an arduous task day after day.

“I take two buses a day and it takes about 40 minutes a ride.” Alenezi said. “It is not easy.”

And although Alenezi has a bike, an exchange student from Kuwait, he said there are challenges associated with that as well.

“It is too far for me from campus. It takes too long for me to bike from my apartment to campus.”

Despite the congestion in their work and school lives, Franke, McCain and Alenezi enjoy the quietness of the neighborhood.

McCain, who has lived in the Cal Young area for about 10 years, said “It’s pretty quiet and pretty peaceful.”

Nicole McCain, an employee at Vision Eyeworks, enjoys the peacefulness of the Cal Young area.

“On campus it’s so condensed where there’s people everywhere.” Franke said, who graduated from Oregon in 2011. “Where I live it’s a duplex but it doesn’t feel like there’s someone on top of us, behind us, in front of us.”

“My neighborhood is very quiet. Most of the people around me are very old so they don’t make noise.” Alenezi said.

An engineering major, Alenezi also noted “It’s very green and behind my apartment is the river so I can study there.”

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Chris is a journalism student at University of Oregon. He has a passion for sports, is the head sports producer of DuckTV, and the Oregon mens basketball beat writer for Eugene Daily News. Chris is an LA native and a brother of Sigma Pi.
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