Eugene’s Harlow area divided by I-105, united through Oregon football

By Adam Vaughan

On one side of I-105, the magnificent Autzen Stadium overlooks Alton Baker Park. On the other side, a tight neighborhood of cozy houses line streets with names like Westward Ho Avenue and Sweet Gum Lane. These two areas could not be any different, and yet they are both located in Eugene’s Harlow neighborhood.

In the South Harlow area near the stadium, the population is primarily University of Oregon students living in large apartment communities. According to one student who lives in Chase Apartments, the living situation has both good and bad qualities.

“You get a lot of space for a good amount of money,” explained Louis Senior Jessica Louis. “I don’t think you can really find this good a value for student housing on the other side of the river. On the other hand, I don’t like being so far from campus.”

The football stadium, however, is just across the street from Louis’ apartment.

“My favorite part of living here is probably being close to the stadium. It’s really nice not having to walk very far to get to the games.”

While Louis is able to walk to games, thousands of fans drive into Eugene each Saturday during the fall to catch a game, and this leads to heavy traffic and parking problems in the Harlow area. Much of this traffic overflows into the residential area of Harlow, North of I-105.

“There gets to be a lot of traffic around here during games,” said longtime Harlow resident Don Anderson. “You end up having a lot of people parking outside your house, but you can make money that way too.”

But despite traffic problems during Ducks games, the residential area of Harlow, is calm and quiet on days other than fall Saturdays.

“We have a really close community of neighbors here and everyone is really friendly,” said resident Todd Ball.

Even though Harlow is itself divided into diverse neighborhoods like the commercialized sprawl surrounding the football stadium, the grid of student apartment complexes and the hushed residential streets, it’s clear to see that the passion for Ducks football bridges the community together every fall.

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