The Ups and Downs of Harlow

The streets in residential Harlow are quiet with a few people out walking in the early afternoon sun. The parks are fairly empty and the Holt Elementary is full of young students playing on the play ground.

The quiet atmosphere of the neighborhood is one of its biggest selling points to residents. Harlow resident Todd Ball enjoys how quiet the neighborhood is. Even though the neighborhood is quiet and there is not a lot going on, the neighbors are what’s most important. “We all know each other and we look out for each other,” Ball said about his fellow Harlow residents. The lack of college-aged residents and the close proximity to Autzen Stadium are also pluses to the neighborhood. The only things Ball could think of to improve the neighborhood would be more rain and a bridge that lead straight to Autzen.

Long time resident Don Anderson agreed with Ball’s sentiment that the quiet atmosphere was one of the best parts of Harlow. Anderson wishes that the streets were not so broken up and that the traffic wasn’t so bad during game days. Anderson recounted when the Grateful Dead played at Autzen and fans parked outside his house, which is just under a mile away.

Students also enjoy the atmosphere that Harlow provides. University of Oregon student Jessica Louis chose to live in the Chase Village apartment complex because of the quiet area it is in. “You get a lot of living space for a good value,” Louis said of the area, something that you cannot get on the other side of the river. Louis also enjoys the how easy it is to walk to Autzen on game days because it is so close by. The hardest thing for Louis about living in Harlow is being so far off from everything that’s going on. The social aspects of the Harlow neighborhood are fairly non-existant for students, as more activities generally happen closer to campus.

Despite its few negatives, residents of the Harlow neighborhood enjoy the quiet atmosphere it has to offer.

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