Coffee Shop Creeping

by: Kailla Coomes

The sun is slowing setting on a Tuesday night around 6:10pm, the feeling of fall is all around and the smell of coffee would catch anyone’s attention to this hidden gem in the Whiteaker. It is connected right next door to an auto body shop and you wouldn’t know there was a coffee shop if it wasn’t for the sweet aroma. Opening the door a song by the Black Keys fills the room. From the ceiling hangs a disco ball hanging  as if this place is from another era. There is a girl typing away on her laptop, unaware that anyone has entered the building.  The mixing sound of coffee being grounded and employees chatting is noticeable, “glad you’re here tonight, so I can sit around and do nothing,” said an employee.  A couple stands to the left of the black tables. They are whispering inaudible words but by their body language you can tell they are together.

There is a song change at 6:24pm, the soft strum of a guitar and a voice who sings about losing their love. The song is interrupted when a women with a dog enters the shop. She orders a latte and the sound of clanging coins in a tip chair fills the room.  At 6:30pm on the dot a loud noise comes from outside that can only be from a train, outside the window are flashing red lights not nearly 50 feet away. The train’s noise drowns out any hope of hearing anything that is going on inside. Finally the train passes and the chatter of the employees continue, “I told her to go to Brails,” said a maroon haired woman.  At 6:37 a man walks in that everyone seems to know. Maroon haired women said “Tom, how’s your uhh, how did your thing go? I heard a couple of weeks ago…” Tom than simply replies, “it didn’t go well.”

A phone rings and the girl on the laptop answers her cell phone. Her conversation cannot be heard but by her smile, she is talking to someone that she likes. At 6:43 a man with long brown hair walks in. He orders a cinnamon roll and a 12oz drip. He looks tired and proceeds to sit down at the table across from me. When his coffee is ready he stands and goes to add sugar, the spoon adds a nice clanging sound as he mixes his drip. A sign on the wall that reads, “a morning without coffee is like sleep.” The sign confuses seems confusing but as does this eclectic coffee shop.  The sun has now set on this October night and the air is crisp. The last sounds heard are of a train that is just passing through.

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