Observation Assignment

by Kevin Sullivan

This building has a steady stream of customers that buy groceries and the occasional coffee.

Looking out the window in the Whiteaker neighborhood on a sunny day, a bus pulls up letting off potential customers. Two men work behind the counter of the café while a woman is posted as a cashier in the grocery part of the store. “I just want to take advantage of everything,” said a woman in a green hooded sweatshirt. Sitting across from her is another woman wearing a rainbow beanie and a red and pink scarf. They are sipping coffee at a wooden table while they enjoy each other’s company. Both women have multiple piercings in various places on their faces. A couple tables down from them, in a corner sitting by himself, is a bearded man with a green button-up shirt listening to music and working on his laptop. One of the men at the café register is wearing glasses and has a goatee. The other has a nose ring and two piercings at the bridge of his nose. The floor is tiled in the café while it is linoleum in the grocery store. Herbal smells waft in from the kitchen to the dining area as customers digest their food and their partners’ words. The taste of organic chocolate ice cream trickles down the throat as the woman with the green hooded sweatshirt and the woman with the rainbow beanie take their sandwiches from the cashier. As they munch on the sandwiches and crunch the kettle chips that lay between them on the table, they chat about the happenings of the day and giggle at the silliness of it all. Throughout the day a diverse group of customers order food or drinks of some sort. A woman with a furry plaid jacket, a man with a red hooded sweatshirt and two older gentlemen all take orders to go. Looking back towards the grocery part of the store, the woman posted at the cashier sighs, leaves her post and comes back with a bottle of water. She greets an incoming customer as she swallows a pill. “That box of ice cream costs five dollars!” Exclaims the woman with the green hoodie. The couple order ice cream with espresso shots poured on top to go and exit the building to smoke cigarettes and enjoy the company of a medium-sized dog.

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