Observing Churchill

By Madeline Stone

It’s three o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, school has just gotten out. The sun shines bright and a light breeze sweeps up the sidewalk and into the park. The leaves have started to turn from green to yellow red.  To the left, a half pipe sits cemented into the ground. The rush of wheels on pavement and skidding wood fill the air. Several teenage boys sweep through the half pipe on skateboards. To the right teenage boys dressed in black from neck to ankle, sit perched above the sidewalk, lurking in the tree branches. Further into the park teenage couples sit in the shadows of trees in each other’s embrace. On the hill above the park herds of middle school boys and girls make their way down to catch the latest action at the skate park. The boys call out to the girls as they run down the hill. At the play structure further down the path more middle school students gather.

A group of four boys and two girls stand at the top of the slide leaning against the hand rails joking about a show they watched last night. Across the playground behind a bench and a trash can four more teenagers sit on the grass, two boys and two girls. The four sit looking around and mocking the middle school kids laughing over on the play structure.

Two elementary school age boys ride by on razor scooters. One is wearing headphones and dark pants, the other gray pants and a blue shirt. Heavy metal music buzzes through the headphones. The middle school group on the play structure begins to disperse. The boys and girls jump off the play structure and make their way to their bikes and back packs. The two girls begin hugging each of the boys.

“Hey! You aren’t gonna hug me?” shouts one of the boys at the blonde girl.

“Now I’m not!” the blonde girl retorts. She laughs and then hugs him anyway.

The middle school kids yell to each other as they all walk down separate paths all leaving the park.

A young woman no older then 22 years old approaches the play structure with two young boys no older then six. The boys run up to the play structure and begin climbing. The mom walks over to the swing set and sits and swings with her back to the two boys.  One of the boys wears a orange shirt and green cargo pants, the other wears a blue shirt and black pants. The boy in the orange slips while climbing-up the side of the play structure and he cries out “Owe!”

The mom on the swings without turning around, “you okay?”

“Yeah I am fine,” says the boy in the orange shirt.

“Lift up your arms,” says the mom turning to look at the child.

“I am fine!” shouted the boy in orange.

“Oaky, whatever,” says the mom returning to swinging.

Taken by Madeline Stone

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