Profile Research

By: Ashley Loney

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. At the begging of the searching process I was more concerned with finding someone willing to share their story with me, a random stranger, rather then a story itself. So I began looking through the resources our team provided on the blog. School’s, churches’, restaurants, doctors offices, bars, parks. The list goes on and on, to extend the list I searched for more attractions in the Whiteaker. My first big find was the veteran’s service of Lane County; yet I found that it’s headquarters was closer to downtown then the Whiteaker.

I then continued my search on to find Eugene Hostels, and believe it or not the top rated hostel was right in the heart of the Whiteaker. I searched through their website to discover main attractions about the hostel and what all it had to offer, I quickly learned that people from all over the United States and the world have stayed at this particular hostel, and after reading numerous testimonies posted on the cite many had great stories to tell not only about the hostel but about the Whiteaker area. So I decided to go get a feel for the place. Arriving at the hostel unsure of where to go, a friendly employee approached me and told me to go ahead and take a look around, entering the hostel there was so much to look at walking down the long hallway with doors opening on either side. In the office space rests a large board covered in pins listing what people should check out around the area and how to get there. I talked to another employee before being directed to Mac Hines, the founder of the Eugene Whiteaker International Hostel. I look forward to uncovering the story behind how the hostel began, what it means to Mac, visitors to the area and the Whiteaker community.

Office at Eugene Whiteaker International Hostel

Decorative hallway leading into rooms. At Eugene Whiteaker International Hostel


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