Profile subject

By Rabea Stueckemann

I will write a profile about Geni Morrow, the co-owner of “The Reach Center” and owner of the “EDGE” (Elite Dance Gymnastics Exhibitions). After finishing her own remarkable career, she coached gymnastics all across the country and also worked for the National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics.

The Reach Center

Geni began teaching classes in the building at 25th and Harris Street in the mid 1990s. She and her husband eventually bought the place in 2006. At that point, the city did not give her the permission to open a school that is restricted to dancing classes. However, Geni was not willing to give up her dream. She expanded the program and opened a center for “Neighborhood Activities and Events,” including art, dance, fitness, music, writing, yoga and language classes.

Geni is an interesting subject because she has found self-fulfillment in her passion and sees it as her mission to pass her enthusiasm for dance on to other people. I want to focus on Geni in order to find out more about what the Amazon neighborhood does in terms of promoting arts, hoping this profile provides a base for the enterprise story.

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