Profile Pitch

By Kevin Sullivan

Prior to finding the person that I want to do this profile on, I did hardly any research outside of the class itself. I’ve been to my neighborhood a handful of times and generally each time I go, I spend a lengthy amount of time just exploring. There is one particular part of the Whiteaker near Van Buren Street where many of the houses have various decorations on them for Halloween. The first time I went out to the Whiteaker, I noticed that one house had a pirate ship in the front yard and that was in September. The house directly next to it had a ring of chairs set up where a patch of their yard should have been. Both of these things were just the tip of the ice berg. Each house on that street had a corresponding letter to it and there were many signs plastered on the houses specific to the Whiteaker neighborhood.

            Needless to say, I was determined to find my profile subject in that particular part of the Whiteaker. I first went to the two houses that I described in the previous paragraph. I simply set aside a few hours and knocked on their doors to see if I could catch them at home. There was no luck to be had, however, so I started walking throughout the neighborhood. I mean, it’s the Whiteaker, there had to be someone interesting. I decided to go to this café called “Red Barn,” and simply ask the workers inside what their stories were. In my opinion, I ended up getting a pretty good potential subject.

            Her name is Devin Hinshaw, she’s a barista at the “Red Barn” and she has an interesting lifestyle. She uses a bucket to go to the bathroom, she does not own a television, she doesn’t have a car and she does not believe in voting. Out of all the things I just listed, I find the fact that she doesn’t believe in voting to be the most interesting simply because of the election that’s coming very soon. I think this profile could be an interesting perspective on someone who doesn’t care about voting while everyone else is making a huge deal out of it. Not only that, but she’s still active in the community. Besides her job at “Red Barn” she cooks for “Food Not Bombs,” an anti-war group that helps to feed the homeless. She is also going dumpster-diving for supplies tomorrow night and has an event Friday afternoon. I’m excited for this story, I want to learn more about Devin and share her story with our class and the rest of the Whiteaker/Eugene community.

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