Discovering Reality Kitchen: Profile Research

The first thing I did in my search for a profile subject was to Google map the Whiteaker.  I looked at the businesses, churches, and restaurants.  Then I went back to our group’s resources blog post to review the details of a couple places that looked interesting.  I picked out a couple of targets: the Allegro Suzuki Violin Studio and St. John the Wonderworker Serbian Orthodox Church.

I visited the websites for these two places, and then I drove to Whiteaker to check them out.  The violin studio had moved.  The new resident did not know where it had gone, and the website did not list a new address.  The church was never open when I went to check it out, not even during the hours it had posted on a sign.

I drove around Whiteaker for a while. I walked into a couple businesses, but struck out in both.  This called for a return to step one.  I searched nonprofits in the Whiteaker.  I looked over the site of a couple nonprofits and decided I liked the look of Reality Kitchen.  I drove to the address listed on the website.  When I walked in Cathrine Avila, who helped found the nonprofit, was cleaning up from an activity earlier in the day.  I told her what I was looking for.  She agreed to be a profile subject, and gave me a brochure about organization.

By Emily Carpenter

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