Political Opinions in Whiteaker

Reporters from J361 interviewed three people in the Whiteaker neighborhood on Thursday to learn the general feelings about upcoming elections, both local and national.  The discovery was that these people are mostly dissatisfied with their options.

Billy Apolo stated openly that he didn’t like either previous Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama

, but that Obama was definitely the lesser of two evils.  Apolo considers himself and independent though he is registered as a democrat.  “The candidate I like doesn’t really stand a chance,” said Apolo.  He prefers the candidate of the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson, but he says he will be voting for Obama anyway because he doesn’t like the things Romney has said.

Apolo does not enjoy watching the debates, though he catches clips in his spare time.  He compared the debates to watching two Kanye Wests attacking each other, and said he didn’t feel like he was learning anything about the candidates.

Apolo keeps up to date on the local issues as well.  In face he is more interested in the local election, which he said affect him more.  He will be voting for Peter DeFazio.  “Since he is not all the way partisan left, he is more logical,” said Apolo.  He has already finished filling out most of his ballot, and said he is going to vote yes on legalizing marijuana.  He said it is wrong for people without a criminal record to be arrested for carrying marijuana.  “It definitely one of the least harmful things you can put into yourself.”

Apolo said h

e wished the plastic bag ban was on the ballot so he could vote against it.  He says there should be some sort of recycling program for plastic bags.

Erin Lewis

Erin Lewis, on the other hand, said she does not keep up with local issues, and is not as interested in the upcoming presidential election.  “I’m addicted to Facebook, and I’m really tired of all of the Facebook rants.”  Sometimes

she will listen to  a podcast or read a clip about political candidates, but she finds all sources to be biased.  She will be voting, however, and is planning to vote for Obama.  She is prefers his social policies.

Anthony Navaro

Anthony Navarro, a traveling poet from Monterey, said he will not be voting.  He does not like either candidate and has decided to abstain from the election.  “It was cool that Obama got elected the first time, and I would rather have him in there than Romney, but the thing about it is that he just promised people too much,” said Navarro.  He can’t vote for anybody with a clear conscience.

Navarro was involved with the Occupy movement in Monterey, and said he had a friend down there who he would vote for, Alan Haffa, a professor at Monterey Peninsula College. Though Navarro has been in and out of Whiteaker since 1994, He is not interested in the local elections.  He will be moving up to Portland soon, where he is hoping to stay peacefully involved in Occupy.

by Emily Capenter

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